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Adventure Travel Gear Shopping List

If you are an adventure traveler then you definitely need to have a traveling list before you set off for your journey.

There could be along list of essentials when you go traveling and this is based on where you are going. But these are some of them that are basic and a must when you go traveling.

Laptop and charger

Do not forget to take your laptop which is an essential travel gear when you are traveling. Also, do not forget your charger. You may need your laptop for various reasons, be it for work or to know more about the destination.

Smartphone and charger

Another important travel gear is your smartphone and charger. Be it to look for directions or to stay connected with family or social network, you do need your smartphone.


You want to take back memories and what better than the pictures clicked on your camera. Do not depend on your smartphone camera as the battery may get drained out when you are out the whole day. Invest in a good quality camera. sure that you carry all the adjustments with you as well as the camera charger.


If you are going camping, then you will need patience. sure that you invest in a tent of good quality also designed for the place you are traveling to.


If you plan to cook when you are on an adventure journey, then take a stove along with you. Be it to heat the food or prepare some quick meal, the stove can come very handy. So do not forget to carry a stove with you when you go on an adventure trip.


If you are camping then you would need a good quality mattress or a sleeping bag. sure that the mattress that you choose is apt to offer to utmost comfort.

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