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How Long Is Car Seat Good For?

A car seat is an important requirement that could save your child’s life in the event of an accident. If you are not sure about the safety of a car seat do not buy it at any cost. Though the cost of used cars may be highly tempting, it is not recommended to buy the used one as it would have been deteriorated over the years of use. If you still decide to buy a used car seat ensure that you learn the following things before purchase.

History of the car seat: If you are not aware of the history of the car seat you own you will not be able to provide proper information to the buyer. Likewise, if your buyer does not know the full history of the car seat you want to buy it is not recommended that you go for it. The seller should be the original owner of the car seat that you are planning to buy. This ensures that they know the full history of the car seat and its effectiveness. If the original owner of the car seat or the people who used it is unknown you will not be in a position to buy it. Go through easymomsguide comparison on rainer vs radian rxt and learn about their lifespan.

Even if the child was not seated in the car seat at the time of a crash, the seat would have certainly suffered the crash forces. Most of the car seat manufacturers state that if the car seat is involved in any crash previously, it is not recommended that car seat is used again. However, a few manufacturers accept using car seats that underwent a minor crash. But it should not meet the following criteria:

  • The vehicle could move out from the crash site
  • The door near the child’s car seat is not damaged
  • The vehicle occupants did not suffer any injuries
  • The air bags did not dislocate
  • The child seat is not physically damaged

In case, the car seat met with a minor crash, the user should go through the manual if it is recommended to use it. The used seats  can be recycled but if they are damaged they have to be properly disposed.…