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5 Summer Activities for Kids to Get them Active and Outside

If you are anything like me you want to get your kids outdoors playing. Summer has come around again and your kids aren’t outdoors. What happened to the days where summer was long and we played outdoors for hours until mom and dad shouted for us to come home. Kids seem to spend less time than ever outdoors, which is why some inspiring activities to get kids active and playing outdoors is always helpful.

Outdoor Jungle Gyms

 There are loads of different adventure parks and outdoor play equipment that encourages children to play outdoors and burn off some energy. For example – I got this climber I got for my toddler who loves to climb and I managed to get him playing outdoors for ages. All I made sure was an occasional top-up of sunscreen and snacks to keep his energy up!

Outdoor Camping

 Kids love to go camping and if you have enough time I would always get them outdoors in nature enjoying what magic nature has to offer. There are valuable lessons kids learn while camping. From camp fires to fishing, there is always something. Kids especially love camping around the sea and lakes.

Outdoor Gardening

 Yes, kids do enjoy gardening and with a little enthusiasm you can get your children digging and helping you pull out weeds. I like to grow tomatoes for the kids. This encourages them to understand the connection between the land and the food we eat. Kids also need to learn to get their hands dirty and we all know gardening will do that!

 Water Parks

Every child at the mention of going to a water park get so excited they can hardly contain themselves! This is a sure way to get them outdoors and with so many kids groups and summer camps you can easily find a way to get them outdoors while you get some well-needed rest!

Themed Parks

Whether it is Disney world or Aladdin’s palace, theme parks are full of their favourite Characters and roller coaster rides. Theme parks are jammed packed with entertainment and a once in a lifetime trip for kids!…