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5 Tips When Considering Buying a Purebred Dog

Buying a purebred dog is a dream for many, but not a task amateurs should engage in. there are various factors to consider and some research to be done in the background of the dog which will save you and the poor animal a lot of suffering in future. sure you have gone through these steps beforehand.

  • Visit the breeder: It is the foremost important thing when you are buying a dog. You should be aware of exactly where the dog was bred, where she plays, eats and how she is around other people and small children. Read these indoor dog gates reviews to know how to puppy proof your house if necessary.
  • Unethical breeding practices: Purebred dogs go through a lot of inbreeding to have exaggerated physical attributes. That means from the perspective of genetics, a lot of purebred dogs inherit dominant genes causing them to also inherit many sicknesses. For example, pugs are increasingly bred with mushed in face and huge eyes which is highly unnatural, causing breathing issues throughout life.
  • Puppy mills are brutal: The term puppy mill is a nightmare to all dog lovers. It is where dogs are kept and bred in confinement without any chance of socializing, playing or even going outside to take a potty break. They are forces to live and breed in their own filth. The moment they become unfit for breeding they are killed. This also makes disease and infection rampant among the dogs.
  • Behavioral problems: If a breeder is illiterate of ethical and proper breeding methods, your dog could have a lot of emotional and behavioral problems. A dog prone to aggression will likely give birth to litter who will turn aggressive later. Don’t buy a purebred dog without meeting parents.