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How to Pick a Present with Meaning 

We all know that dating can be scary and we also get the feeling at one point or another. That feeling you get when you nailed a gift and your date is really happy about what you gave him or her. But it could be so awkward when you get someone a gift and he or she’s not at all excited about it. That’s exactly why we all want to get a gift with meaning for that special person so they can love and appreciate it for a long time coming.


One good place to start is to remember shared experiences. For everyone (at least almost everyone), it is always emotive to receive a gift from someone you shared a certain experience with. This would really mean a lot especially when it’s a special experience. This could inspire ideas of what and what not to buy as a gift for that special person. Ensure that you make the gift one that is about happy times. As is always said, a present with sentimental value that reminds one of a shared nostalgia will be more cherished than an expensive but thoughtless one.

  • Look out for hints and be aware of subtle things he or she talks about. Things they don’t have but talk about so often about getting for themselves. It always works and don’t doubt it, they always get stunned, surprised and definitely happy.
  • As much as possible, don’t buy what you like. And that’s because, that you like it doesn’t mean that others will like it too. So don’t go assuming that everyone shares all your likes and dislikes.
  • Show empathy by trying to think like them and step into their shows. This will hell you think about their interests and passions in their home and personal style.
  • Don’t just be lackadaisical about it, be intentional a Out your efforts to give a gift with meaning. You have enough to out in effort to find that gift that enhances your emotional value.