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The Toys You Should Never Buy for Your Dog

Dogs and puppies both love to play with toys. But it is not always safe to pamper your dog with all types of toys. There are some restrictions on toys that you should never give to your dog. Here these toys are that you should avoid buying for your dog-

#1 Don’t Go For Stuffed Animals

Stuffed toys are mostly made out of Poly-Fill or another filling which is highly dangerous for a dog. Your dog can chew it up and it may create a choking problem. Serious choking can even lead to the death of your lovely pet.

#2 Squeaky Toys

Again, toys that are squeaky or made of rubber should be banned from your pet’s reach. The squeaker can be taken out and this thing can be swallowed which create a choking again.

#3 Say No To Chemicals

Pif you are buying a toy, always sniff it and see if there is any chemical smell coming. The chemical smell can be of lead, chromium, and other hazardous things that are strictly banned for kids and so your pet should not have this. Well, if you own a pug and want to look for a harness then check the pug harness reviews here and find an amazing harness for your pug.

#4 Vinyl Must Be Ignored

Any toy that says made of phthalate or vinyl must always be ignored. You can smell it and the strong the scent is the more dangerous it is. This chemical can lead your dog to the kidneys, liver, and other dangers.

#5 The Tennis Ball

That well-known green rounded tennis ball is also a no to your pet as a toy. A puppy can have it with no danger but for a grown dog it can be swallowed and may lead to choking and mouth pain.